Why some energy drinks can actually shrink your brain

Dr. Chris Wysopal is the founder of Dr. Wu’s Energy Drink.

He and his wife run a website called Wu’s Dr. Watts and he has been writing about energy drinks for nearly 10 years.

We spoke to him about what you need to know about the drinks, why some companies make them more addictive than others, and why some people think it might help shrink your memory.

Wysopal started working in the medical field in 2006.

He says he was a little worried when he started reading a few energy drinks reviews and then heard about a few people who were having trouble finding a better alternative.

“I think it’s actually a really common experience,” Wyspal told Business Insider.

“It’s something that people are experiencing more and more.”

Wysomas initial reaction to the products is that they look and feel like they are made for people who need it to.

“They look and taste a lot like regular energy drinks.

You could easily find a lot of these drinks in the market and people are finding a lot more and finding more of these brands,” Wiesomas said.

“But I think it really comes down to people not realizing that they have a brain problem.

You’re not supposed to drink anything that has caffeine in it.”

Wysomes personal experience with a few brands of energy drinks has been pretty positive.

He was one of the first people to try the product and he’s since become a big fan of the drinks.

“For the first couple of weeks, it was like, ‘OK, I’m in the mood,'” Wysomes said.

When he tried another energy drink, he wasn’t so much interested.

He decided to go back to his normal energy drink consumption habits.

“You could go from one to the other in a couple of days,” he said.

One day he went to a bar and got a drink and a few more energy drinks, and then went back to the bar.

He went back and forth again until he felt comfortable.

He tried a few other energy drinks that he liked, but he didn’t really enjoy them.

“The energy drink I liked, and I was really happy with it, but I didn’t feel the same way about the others,” Wrysomas explained.

“A lot of them tasted a little bit like candy.”

Wrysomes is a fan of brands that have a strong caffeine component.

He’s also a big believer in the power of the human brain to process information and make better decisions.

“Our brain, the way it functions, is the fastest in the universe,” he explained.

“[It] is capable of processing information in real-time.

When you have that kind of information, you can really get things done.”

Wesomas has tried several different brands of drinks.

He likes the ones that have caffeine and sugar in them.

He also has a soft spot for the ones with caffeine and caffeine-laced flavors.

“When I get that kind a drink, I think about how it might feel, how it tastes, and how much it might give me a boost,” Woesomas noted.

“If it does give me that boost, it gives me the energy I need to go do my thing.”

Wiesom’s experience has led him to some surprising conclusions about energy drink brands.

He believes some energy drink manufacturers have a vested interest in selling their products to people who already have a problem with caffeine or caffeine-containing drinks.

Some energy drinks are also marketed to people with health issues and have a very low caffeine content.

“Some of these companies have a history of selling these products to the very sick people,” Wosoms said.

He said some of the companies that have marketed these products might be using the same marketing techniques to convince people that these products are helpful for people with ADD or other disorders.

Wiesomes has heard that some people are really upset about the caffeine in some energy products.

He thinks people are overreacting and he thinks the best thing to do is take a look at the data and find the one brand that’s right for you.

“Look, there are really two sides to this story,” he told Business Outpost.

“One side is that the people who have the worst problems with caffeine are not really interested in these products.

If you look at what the studies say, they are not doing that.

Wiesoms has heard a lot about this issue in the past and has also heard people say that the drinks are dangerous. “

In fact, I’ve had friends with ADD and the only reason they have problems is because they have these products that are very strong in caffeine.”

Wiesoms has heard a lot about this issue in the past and has also heard people say that the drinks are dangerous.

“So I would be really interested to hear that from you.

Would you buy that brand of energy drink that’s dangerous?” he asked.

“Do you think it would help your brain?”

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