What are the best drinks for Christmas?

A few years ago, my husband and I were both celebrating Christmas.

We had both decided to go to the best restaurant in town for dinner, which we had chosen because we thought it would be the best Christmas we would have in a long time.

We decided to order a Christmas dinner and a cocktail that we both had been wanting to try for a long while.

We ordered the Japanese mai tais (mai-tea), the English Christmas cake and the Japanese eggnog.

As we were waiting for our drinks, I looked down and saw my friend in the doorway with a red scarf around his neck.

I had never seen a red scar before, but he looked like a regular guy who worked in a restaurant.

“I’ve got a special request for you,” I told him.

He looked up at me, his eyes widening.

“Please do this,” I said.

His eyes widened.

I explained that I was a cocktail and eggnug cocktail writer, and that I had been looking for the perfect drink for our Christmas party, and wanted to share it with you guys.

My friend smiled and said, “Thanks, Dad.

That was a good one.”

I was so happy for him.

I also got to know my friend, who is now my best friend.

 I never saw him before this year, but we’ve been good friends ever since.

In my years of writing for my blog, I’ve had some really amazing people contact me about cocktails.

One man I met after my blog started was from New York.

I got to meet him for a short time when he came over to my house.

He was very happy to see me, and I had just gotten home from work.

After the meal, we talked for a bit about my past, and about how he was so proud of my work.

We went to a cocktail bar where he and I went, and we started to talk about my writing.

The bartender gave me a shot of gin and vodka, and told me to let him know that I loved the drinks I wrote about, and he wanted to be a part of it.

We started drinking.

Before we knew it, we were sitting on the bar at midnight drinking gin and tonics.

I can still remember it.

When we were done, the bartender told me that I would be able to bring him a bottle of gin that night for his birthday party.

And that’s how my Christmas cocktail story began.

To this day, I can remember the first time I ever had a Christmas cocktail.

I was visiting my friends and their families in Ohio when we went to visit my mother, who lives in Minnesota.

I’m glad I remember her fondly because she was a wonderful woman who never forgot to have a cocktail for me every Christmas.

If you would like to order the cocktails in the story, they are on the right page.

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