Starbucks’ ‘Greyhound’ drink is now available in Miami

Starbucks’ “Greyhound” drink is back in stores in Miami and the city is now home to one of the first official drinks to be introduced to the US market by the coffee giant.

The “GreyHound” is the latest addition to Starbucks’ limited-edition beverage range, which also includes “Starbucks Coffee” and “Starbuck Coffee” The drink is available as part of Starbucks’ coffee range, called “Starbuds” and was announced in September at the company’s annual shareholders meeting.

The drink features espresso, espresso-milk, and chocolate syrup flavoured drinks and comes in two flavours: caramel and caramel-milks.

The drink is served in a white glass, and comes with a barcode that can be scanned with a smartphone app.

The barcode can be used to buy a range of drinks, ranging from coffee drinks to soft drinks to drinks that are served in an iced coffee mug.

Starbucks sells the drinks in the US, but the drinks are not available in Canada and Mexico.

Starbucks said it introduced the drink to Miami and was excited to see it take off.

“The ‘GreyHounds’ are a great example of Starbucks exploring the world of coffee and helping our customers experience the best of the coffee and the best flavours, and to bring our brand to new audiences across the world,” Starbucks said in a statement.

“These drinks bring a new level of coffee experience to the city that is unique and will be a welcome addition to Miami’s coffee culture.”

According to the company, the “Greyhounds” are part of the company to celebrate the company “coming out of the dark ages” of the last decade.

The drinks will be available at Starbucks’ outlets in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach and the Miami-Dade County International Airport.

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