What are the health risks associated with the Indian amf drinking water?

The Amf drink water in India is an expensive and hazardous beverage which is widely used to treat ailments ranging from respiratory ailments to liver damage and has been linked to cancer.

A recent study by researchers at Imperial College London has found that people drinking the water were twice as likely to develop skin cancer as those who did not drink it.

In a recent paper, researchers in India looked at the drinking water levels of people from different households and found that drinking the amf water was associated with higher levels of lung cancer in women and more than double the risk of lung disease in men.

The researchers found that women were more likely to have lung cancer and men were more often at risk for lung disease.

“The study shows that amf consumption can be associated with elevated levels of cancer-causing substances in drinking water, which can be harmful to human health,” Dr Ashish Khera, a researcher from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, said in a statement.

The study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

“The findings provide further evidence of the adverse health effects of drinking amf, and provide additional evidence that the Indian government should consider the advisability of changing the source of amf in the country,” said Dr Kheran.

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