When to go to the bathroom with your best friend: What to expect at a cocktail party

Drinking cocktails is an enjoyable pastime, but there are certain drinks that make the most of the time you can spend with your friends.

Here are some cocktails that can bring together the best of friends.


The Blue Currant Cocktail The Blue Cherry Cocktail.

“The Blue Currants make a great pairing with a cocktail,” says Liz Taylor, author of The Best Cider Cocktails: A Guide to Deliciously Delicious Beverages.

“Blue Currants, lemon juice and the Blue Curranes, the currant and grapefruit fruit combination are both citrus fruits that make a beautiful combination.

It’s the perfect balance of both the citrus and the grapefruit flavors.”

The Bluecurrant Cocktails are a perfect way to start your night with a drink that compliments your friends’ style.

You can use this recipe to make the cocktail for $5 at the Blueberry Café in West Hollywood, Calif.


The Sip The Sippin’ Cocktail You can also use this Blueberry cocktail to pair with a meal at a restaurant or bar.

This cocktail will be the perfect pairing for a dinner party.

“Sipping is a great way to unwind and enjoy a drink, and this Blue Currrant Cock.

Cocktail is the perfect choice for that,” says Taylor.

“If you’re having dinner with friends, this is a perfect time to get together and sip together.

Sipping is just as enjoyable when it’s with your family or friends.

For a little bit of fun, try making the cocktail at home.

You don’t need to be in the kitchen to make a Blue Currar Cocktail.”


The Smiling Cocktail If you are having a relaxing dinner at home, this cocktail will complement your meal.

“This cocktail is great for entertaining with a dinner table,” says Tanya Cone, author and social media consultant.

“Smiling is relaxing and refreshing when paired with a great drink, like this Blue Berry Cocktail, or a Blueberry Barbeque Cocktail,” she adds.

The blueberry and grapefruits blend perfectly with the red grapefruit.

This Blueberry Cocktail can be made at home for $4.

“Make this Blue currant cocktail for your next party and make sure to enjoy the sunset with it,” says Cone.

“Just remember that this cocktail is best enjoyed with your friend.”


The Red Currant Club The Redcurrant Club is a simple cocktail that pairs well with a good meal.

The recipe is easy to prepare and tastes like the traditional red currant cocktails.

“There are a few things that make this cocktail unique: it’s light and refreshing and you can mix it up to make it even more refreshing,” says Smith.

“When paired with the Redcurrants, the combination of the lime and grape juice will create an amazing cocktail.

The combination of blueberries and currants gives it a delicious orange color and citrus flavor.”

The RedCurrant Cockaballs are a great place to start the night.

“For a light evening, this Blue Cherry Club can be a great night out, or you can serve it with some great food and wine,” says Lissa Smith, author, The Best Cocktail Book.

“Mix it up and have fun!”


The Green Currant Swirl Cocktail Another great cocktail that works well with food or wine is the Green Currntry Swirl cocktail.

“It’s a perfect combination of orange and lime and the citrus fruit flavor adds a wonderful tanginess to the drink,” says Domenica D’Auria, author The Best Swirl Book.

The green currants add a light and fruity taste to the cocktail and complement the orange and grape fruit flavors.

The Swirl is $2 at the Orange & Lime in Beverly Hills.


The Pina Colada Swirl Club The Pino Colada Cocktail works well for cocktails and food.

“With the green currant, the lime, and the pina colada, the drink is a refreshing and refreshing combination,” says Michelle Buss, author Food & Wine.

“I’ve never had a Bluecurrrant Club, but I’ve had a few Blue Curries Cocktails and I love them all.

I really love the Pino.

It works well in cocktails.

Pina is a favorite with everyone, especially when you mix it with ice.

You just have to keep adding more ice until you reach the desired amount.”


The Lava Cocktail This is an elegant cocktail for a romantic date night.

The lime, lime juice, grapefruit, and lemon make a perfect pairing.

The cocktail is a combination of lime, grape, and orange and can be served with a choice of wine, beer, or spirits.

The perfect way for a date night, this Lava Club is $5.


The Tropical Cappuccino Cocktail While you’re out enjoying the weather, this Tropical

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