What’s in the Coke Energy Drink?

It’s not the Coke that makes you happy, it’s the Coke drink.

That’s the message from the beverage maker that’s made millions of people feel great after a few glasses of energy drinks. 

But for some, a Coke can still be just the ticket to a good time. 

For some, it can be just as bad. 

In the United States, a new beverage called Coke Energy is made from the carbon dioxide extracted from the burning of Coke. 

It’s basically a carbonated water. 

The company, Coke Energy, says the carbonate is produced by burning Coke leaves, but not from the Coke plant itself. 

While Coke leaves are not actually carbonated, the company says the water that it produces is. 

That means the carbonation is a byproduct of Coke production. 

“When you make Coke, we extract a carbon dioxide that’s actually in Coke leaves,” said Barry Smith, Coke’s director of marketing. 

Coke is also a by-product of the Coca-Cola Company. 

Its products, including energy drinks,  are made from Coke leaves and the CO2 is then filtered out. 

This is why Coke doesn’t require a permit to use Coke leaves. 

At this point, no other company makes energy drinks from CO2. 

However, in 2014, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a permit allowing Coke to use CO2 as an ingredient. 

To be clear, Coke does not make CO2 from Coke, it makes CO2 in a plant. 

And the plants, known as CO2 processing facilities, can use COII as a by product. 

If a company is looking to use a CO2 product to create a beverage, it must apply for a permit from the FDA. 

Once approved, a permit is granted to a company that uses CO2 to make a beverage. 

Companies must apply to the FDA for a COII permit and pay $1.75 per gallon. 

Before a permit can be granted, however, the FDA must have a full scientific evaluation of the product and determine that it is safe and effective. 

So far, the only approved product is Coke Energy. 

According to the EPA, CO2 is safe for use as a beverage for adults. 

Additionally, a study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), published in August of this year, concluded that the carbonated beverages used in the U.S. are safe to consume and safe for consumption by children. 

A study of the products found that the beverage is “consistent with drinking water quality.” 

The NCBI study found that “CO2 beverages have not been associated with adverse effects for children.”

The FDA says it is not sure if any of the other products made by Coke can be used to make energy drinks that are made with CO2 and that CO2 doesn’t have a harmful effect on children.

“The fact that Coke does have a potential effect on human health is a fact,” said FDA spokesperson Kelly Johnson.

“We are not aware of any studies that have been conducted in humans to show that COX-2 causes adverse effects.” 

For now, however.

the FDA says the FDA is waiting for a full study. 

There is also no word yet on the potential health impacts of Coke Energy drinks.

“We are in the process of conducting an independent safety evaluation of all of the Coke products currently in the market,” said Johnson. 

As of now, there is no indication that the product will have any adverse health effects on humans. 

You can read more about the COII study and Coke Energy here.

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