Why Starbucks Matcha drinks are so expensive

The cheapest drink in Starbucks’ range is the matcha tea drink, which comes in a pint glass for £3.75 and a glass for just £3 (and £3 per glass in the UK).

This compares favourably to the £2.25 matcha drink in the Starbucks menu.

But for £1 more, you can buy a drink coaster in a single pint glass, which is £4.75.

It’s a good price if you want to try a variety of drinks in a short period of time, or you might want to buy one in a glass before you’re in the shop for the first time.

Starbucks’ matcha and rum drinks are priced similarly, but the matchas come in a half-pint glass for the same price.

The drinks in the mix have a higher sugar content and a high caffeine content, but Starbucks says they’re a good option for people who like a little caffeine but are looking for a bit more of a boost.

And in case you’re wondering what the real-life equivalent of the drink coaster is, it’s the drink coasters in Starbucks bars and restaurants.

The coasters are not the same as the drink-coaster bars and pubs you might have seen on TV or in pop culture.

They’re not just for a drink, but for an extra £1.

They can also be used as snacks or as part of a mix of drinks.

The drink coaster bar in a Starbucks shop Source: The Sun article It’s worth remembering that the price of the drinks varies widely across the store, so the difference between a pint and a coaster may not be as big as you might think.

If you want something a bit different, you could always go to a Starbucks and try the drinks in person.

They are cheaper than buying them individually.

The most expensive drink coaster on offer is the £3 matcha cup, which will cost you £6.99.

The other most expensive is the mix of matcha, rum and cola, which costs you £5.99 for the 12-ounce bottle and £7.99 if you buy the drink roller coaster bar.

If the drink is more expensive than the coaster, then it might be worth considering buying a drink coaster in a restaurant.

The best place to buy a coaster is at a bar.

A drink coaster at a Starbucks bar

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