Mexican drink mix of tequila and lime juice, tequila drinks is in a coma

In Mexico, tequilas, the tequila cocktail, has been blamed for the deaths of at least two young men.

According to local media, Miguel Angel Diaz and Alejandro Gomes de la Cruz, both 20, were killed when a vehicle struck a group of youths in the Mexican state of Guanajuato on July 17.

The accident, which happened in a town known as El Cholula, has prompted a wave of public anger.

A local resident, Javier Rodriguez, told the AP news agency that the pair died in a car accident while intoxicated.

The deaths have drawn widespread attention, with social media users calling for an investigation into the deaths and questioning whether the deaths were the result of tequila-related deaths.

“If they drink tequila, that’s it, it’s all good,” a post on the Tequila Mixes blog read.

“Tequila drinks are a poison.

There’s no way to prevent it.”

The Tequila mixes blog said that there are no laws preventing tequila consumption in Mexico, but that it was illegal to consume it without a permit from a health department.

“We have no legal mechanism for the safety of people, nor the health of the tequileras themselves, nor even the tequinas themselves,” the post said.

“It’s all a case of being irresponsible.

We don’t care about the teqilas safety.

What matters is that we can’t drink tequils tequila.

If you want to drink teqillas tequila or tequiles tequila , then don’t drink them.

But if you want the teqs tequila to be safe, you need to know how to drink it properly.”

The deaths come at a time when tequila has been a hot topic in Mexico and has become the latest trend in the country to garner the ire of the country’s youth.

Tequila, which has a reputation for being the drink of choice for the young, has sparked widespread controversy in Mexico.

In March, a group in Mexico City threw rocks at the Mexican consulate in order to protest the ban on the drink, which the government says is to stop it from getting into the hands of minors.

In September, a Mexican politician was arrested after he refused to take a sip of teqs beverage.

In recent months, Tequila has also sparked controversy in Brazil, where a group that promotes tequila use launched a petition to have the drink banned from the country.

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