How to drink wine and spirits at an upscale restaurant without having to pay for it

An upscale restaurant that serves only wine and vodka will soon become a staple of your life at home, thanks to a new service that allows guests to pay in cash. 

In a video released Wednesday, The Restaurant at the West End of Manhattan was shown displaying a “sip” tab that lets guests make an extra donation of $10 per guest. 

“Our customers have a great desire to do good and donate to charities and causes, and it’s a perfect fit for our restaurant,” the video states.

“We offer a special wine and a wine pairing, which we’re calling a ‘sip’ or ‘sipping’ tab, to give you a little extra cash for what you’re consuming.”

The menu offers a variety of wines, including a selection of Cabernet Sauvignon, a Chardonnay, a Cabernets Sauvé and a Sauvage.

The menu also features selections of cocktails, including cocktails with wine, and is available in multiple flavors.

“We’re going to be bringing this service to the West Coast as well,” restaurant co-owner Dan Zorzano told the Associated Press. 

While guests can pay in the cash tab, they will not be able to purchase alcoholic beverages or alcohol-free foods. 

The service is not the first time a restaurant has embraced the concept of “sipping” wine and offering wine pairing.

In January, a San Francisco-based bar called Tandem offered guests the option to pay cash for a glass of wine at a cost of $5 per guest and the option of ordering a wine in addition to a glass, or to order wine with a menu item.

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