Cosmo’s New Drink Is a “Shark Tank” for Drones and Robots

The New York-based beverage company Cosmo is looking to get more involved in drone technology.

Cosmo announced on Tuesday that it is launching a drone delivery service for drones in the future.

The service will work with companies such as Google and the FAA to make sure drones don’t interfere with the work of pilots, Cosmo said.

The company will start out with five drones and expand to 10 drones by 2020.

Cosmos drone delivery services will be available through

The new drone service, dubbed Cosmo-Deliver, will deliver up to 10 of the drones that Cosmo has delivered to customers in the past, according to Cosmo CEO Paul Giesbrecht.

The drone delivery company is partnering with a number of tech companies, including Google and Microsoft.

It will also use drones to deliver products and services to customers, Giesbracht said. 

The drone delivery is a first for Cosmo, which has not launched a drone service before.

The Cosmo drone delivery business is the company’s fourth major launch.

In March, Cosmoes drone delivery technology was launched.

The technology allows for drones to fly autonomously, so the drones don´t have to be anchored to a tower or other physical structure.

The delivery service also allows customers to place orders without being connected to a phone line, and Cosmo says the drones will be able to handle all of their deliveries within a matter of hours.

Development Is Supported By

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