Jaeger Beer is now available in Belgium, UK

Now that Jaeger beers have officially hit shelves in Belgium and the UK, they’ve become the subject of a hilarious and hilarious Reddit thread.

The beer is now called “Jaeger,” after the German company that makes it.

The drink has been described as a “fuzzy mix of hops and caramel” that tastes like a beer.

It has a similar appearance to a “Jekyll and Hyde” beer.

Redditors who’ve tasted it say it’s “extremely bitter” and “slightly spicy,” while one said it tasted “like a little bit of a ketchup.”

But there’s more.

“The drink itself has an extremely bitter finish,” said Reddit user wendyfitz, who describes himself as a beer geek.

“It’s kind of like you have a bit of an orangey taste.

It’s really, really bitter.”

One Redditor went as far as to say that the taste was reminiscent of a “sour-sweet chocolate” drink, and that there’s a slight sweetness to it.

Reddit users who’ve had the drink say that it’s very pleasant, with “an incredibly subtle caramel taste,” but that it has a bitter finish that is hard to describe.

“Jäger” is a trademarked trademark for Jaeger A.G., the parent company of the company that made the beer.

(A spokesperson for the company said in a statement to Ars that the beer is “not the trademark of Jaeger or any other company.”)

As a result of the thread, the Jaeger brand has now become a trademark of the “Jæger brand” (which is now owned by the company).

Jaeger spokesperson Alex Rauch said in an email that the trademark application for the name is being reviewed and will be issued in the coming weeks.

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