Why Starbucks is falling in love with beer

Starbucks’ fall drinks trend is starting to get popular in its hometown.

Now, it wants you to get the perfect one.

The coffee giant is launching an ad campaign for a beer called Malibu Can, a “premium” coffee drink that comes with a bottle of Malibu, a specialty malibu.

The company has also released a free “Beer on the Go” app, which includes a map of local bars that you can check out at a coffee shop.

The ads feature a beer and the baristas tell customers to “go get a beer.”

If they want to try a different beer, the barista will let them know.

The ad is running at bars nationwide and will run for the next few weeks.

“We’re excited to partner with Starbucks on this campaign,” said Dan Molnar, Starbucks’ chief marketing officer.

“Malibu Can is a premium coffee drink with a unique blend of flavors that you won’t find at a regular coffee shop.”

The ad has already racked up more than 3 million views on Facebook.

In it, the bartender talks about how Malibu can help you get the “feel” of coffee without having to get up in the morning and drive to the coffee shop to order.

“This is a very unique brew.

It’s not the traditional malibu flavor, but it’s a lot more balanced than most malibu,” she said.

“The flavors come together so well.

The flavor is really good, and it has a subtle, creamy, light and subtle aroma.

It tastes like it’s coming from a coffee cup, and the way it’s poured into your mouth feels like it was made by a real person.”

Malibu is not the only new beer the company is trying to launch in its coffee shops.

In December, the company launched a line of beers named Starbucks Fall, and they’re being sold in coffee shops in select locations around the country.

The cans are available in 750ml and 750ml pitchers, and come with the company’s signature green coffee.

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