The new ‘Sushi King’ is a real thing

A ‘Sashimi King’ has opened in Mumbai, India.

The eatery is named after the Japanese word for ‘sushi’.

The restaurant is located in the posh area of the city, but it’s actually an homage to the king of sushi.

“It’s really a homage to King Murayama,” said Javed, a Mumbai resident.

The restaurant serves an array of sushi dishes including the popular ‘Sake’ style.

Javed said the ‘King Murayam’ style sushi is a traditional style of sushi made from fish bones and meat.

“But people in the market say, ‘You can’t imitate Murayamas sushi. “

You’re making your own style.’ “

But people in the market say, ‘You can’t imitate Murayamas sushi.

It’s a style popular among younger generations. “

Murayama’s sushi is the basis of ‘Sailor Moon’ and many other Japanese restaurants.

“The King Murahama style is very popular and popular among older people. “

If you look at the Japanese cuisine, there’s always been a lot of sushi restaurants in the past, but we have a new one here,” said Murayima’s son, Koyuki Murayma, who is the owner of the restaurant.

“The King Murahama style is very popular and popular among older people.

I’ve made a lot more people eat it, especially women.”

We were planning to open a sushi restaurant when I was about 16 years old.

I started working in a restaurant in New Delhi in 2012 and then went to Mumbai and worked in a sushi house.

“Today I’m 55 years old and I’ve become a sushi chef for the last 20 years,” he said.

His son, a former president of the Japanese Sushi Association, said the popularity of the King Murame’s style has been very important to him.

“People think of Murayames sushi as the sushi style that came from Japan, but that is not the case,” he told CNN.

“Sushi has evolved over the years, and Murayame is the most popular sushi style in the world today.”

The King Murames is made of fish bones, meat, and vegetables and has a slightly sweet taste.

“We used to make it a little more spicy, but now people are getting more and more used to it.”

I used a lot for a while.

People were using it for a big party, but I don’t think it is good to eat with people, but the food is good,” he added.

His restaurant, which opened last month, has received a lot love on social media.

Many people have shared photos of the dining room, and people are sharing photos of their favorite dishes.

“They like the restaurant so much, that they have taken over the kitchen. “

Some of our family members have been coming here for a long time,” he explained.

One of the family members has been making the sushi for the family for 30 years.”

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