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Apple, which owns Beats by Dre headphones, announced today it will add new features to the popular streaming music service Apple Music that make it even more of a social media tool for musicians and artists.

Apple Music is available on iOS and Apple TV.

The company has added a new tab in the upper right corner of the site that shows songs, artists, albums and more.

It includes a trending topic section that allows users to see songs that have been trending for a while.

The site also lets users search for a song by keyword or artist name.

Apple is offering a new “playlists” section, too.

The new tab can be accessed by tapping the small “Add” button at the top of the page and then tapping the “Browse” icon next to the top search bar.

Users can then tap the “Add to playlist” button to add songs to their Apple Music “playlist.”

Apple Music has long been a popular social media app for artists and musicians.

Since Apple’s launch in 2014, the company has sold more than 4 million new iPhones.

Apple also offers streaming services like Beats by D.I.Y. and Music.com.

Apple Music, which has more than 100 million subscribers, is available to Apple TV, Apple TV Pro, Apple Watch and iPhone.

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