Online drinking games to be played for the first time in 2016

A new online drinking game has been added to the Xbox Live Marketplace, with games such as Drunken Robot and Angry Birds coming to the platform.

In a video announcing the addition of the online drinking competition game Drunken Machine, Microsoft explained that the games will be available for free for Xbox Live Gold members on November 18.

The company said that the free games will allow users to enjoy drinking games like the game Angry Birds in real-time on the Xbox One, or playing games such a Drunken Bot on the game Bingo.

The game is also compatible with Bingo and Bingo Bingo, so users can enjoy drinking on the couch or on the go.

While it’s not the first game to be added to Xbox Live, it’s a welcome addition to the gaming community.

The games were announced last year when Microsoft released the first Xbox Live Arcade games, which were available for a limited time to Xbox Gold members.

These games included Drunken Robin, Drunken Rooster, and Drunken Duck.

Microsoft said the Drunken Robots will be released on November 14, 2016.

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