Is the Regency Energy Drink reign a success?

A decade after the Regent’s brand began its resurgence with a new wave of energy drinks and a new generation of celebrities, the Regents drink is still going strong.

In fact, the drinks popularity has gone up by 15% in the past year.

And now, the beverage company is taking the next step.

In an interview with The Times Of India, Regent founder and CEO Rajiv Bhattacharya said the company is planning to launch a new energy drink in the next few months.

The drinks will feature the Regence brand of technology, including a new technology called Regent Dash.

The Regent brand has grown in popularity, but has never been sold in India.

It has a brand name of the Regens, but it is not sold in the country.

But the Regen Dash is a brand that is being launched in the United States and Europe.

It is an energy drink that is designed to help you get more energy.

It’s a drink that’s meant to help improve your sleep and boost your metabolism.

The company has set up a website, which will allow users to get the drink.

The drink will have a 3,000 calorie daily value.

It will be priced at Rs. 5,000 ($10) for the 500 ml version.

The 500 ml drink will also come with a coupon for free refill.

According to Bhattackarya, Regency is trying to make the drinks more appealing to younger generations, who are less inclined to drink alcohol.

Regency Dash will come with more than 25 varieties of energy.

The product is also expected to include nutrition information, and a wellness tip sheet.

The company is also set to launch the Regener’s app, which allows users to find out how to make energy drinks.

Regent is looking to sell its new energy drinks in Europe and the United Kingdom, which is expected to happen soon.

The European market has grown exponentially over the past five years, according to Bollywood producer and CEO of Regent, Rahul Shukla.

In the United Arab Emirates, Regents product is now the best-selling energy drink brand, according TOI.

Regents is also looking to tap into the millennial demographic in the U.S. and the UK.

According to Bittacharya, the company has sold over one million energy drinks to millennial customers in the last few years.

He said Regents products are popular with young people because they are healthy, tasty, and have no calories.

In India, the regents drink has also gone through a revival with the Regente brand.

Regente was launched in 2014 and became Regent in the States in 2018.

In 2017, the brand was taken over by PepsiCo, which later sold the brand to PepsiCo India in 2021.

In the United states, the popularity of Regency’s products has been waning for a while.

According a 2017 report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Regente has lost 40% of its market share in the US.

The report found that the Regencies sales in the states have been declining at an annual rate of about 12%.

Regent, which has a $1.8 billion (Rs.

13,100 crore) market cap, has grown its revenues by a massive 30% in three years, the report said.

In its most recent fiscal year, the drink brand generated a total of $2.5 billion (R.

9,976 crore).

Regent’s brands portfolio includes products like Regent Energy, Regen, Regence Dash, Regance, Regret Energy, and Regent Smart, which are all aimed at helping people get more sleep.

The Regent Power, which the company launched in October, will feature a new and more energy-friendly version of the company’s Regent drink.

The regents new energy beverage is being dubbed the Regreade.

It contains a variety of energy-packed drinks and is expected be sold in five countries in the world by 2020.

Regreades brand will be available at grocery stores and convenience stores, and will be served at restaurants, bars and other locations.

Regret is also selling the new Regrease product.

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