Which beers are you drinking at the moment?

The beer drinker knows they have an opportunity to improve their beer drinking habits if they don’t overindulge too much, but if they are still drinking less than they should, they could be putting themselves at risk for serious health issues.

A study from the Australian National University found that when the average person drinks four to six beers a day, they are twice as likely to develop cardiovascular disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes as people who consume one a day.

But what if those beer drinkers were drinking at a lower level than they actually should?

The researchers tested the drinking habits of more than 4,500 Australian beer drinkers between 2007 and 2011.

They found that the average drinker was drinking at around five to six litres of beer a day compared to the average adult of the same age.

If you think the average beer drinkers are getting their beer from the tap, then you’re in the minority.

The research found that while the average amount of beer consumed by the average Australian beer drinkerg was about a litre, the average individual drinker in Australia was drinking up to 14 litres of brew each year.

The findings are just one of the reasons why the Australian beer industry is so important to our nation’s health.

The majority of Australians drink beer at least once a week, according to the ABC.

The number of people who say they are regular beer drinkers has doubled over the past decade, and is expected to double again over the next 10 years.

According to a recent report from the Beer Institute, Australian beer drinking has risen by 20 per cent over the last five years.

And while the increase in the number of beer drinkers is great news, a big part of that increase is down to increased availability of craft beers.

In 2015, Australian breweries opened more breweries than they did during the same period last year.

A new report from The Beer Institute found that of the 10 most popular craft beers in Australia, the top three most popular beers in the United States were all made in Australia.

According the report, craft beers are becoming increasingly popular because of the growing popularity of local beers, which have been proven to be healthier and lower in sugar, salt and calories than their US counterparts.

While the average alcohol content of craft beer is around four per cent, craft brewers also make a range of other products including teas, juices and liqueurs.

And there is no doubt that many Australian craft beer drinkers are getting enough fibre in their diet.

It is estimated that one in four Australians drink a beer, and a quarter of those drinks contain a fair amount of fibre.

A recent study conducted by the Australian Institute of Sport found that people who drank beer had lower waistlines, were more physically active, had higher levels of positive mood and had higher activity levels than people who didn’t drink.

But it’s not just the health benefits of beer that Australians love to drink.

There is also a lot to enjoy when it comes to the Australian craft scene.

It’s no surprise then that the Australian Craft Beer Week was held in May this year.

In fact, it was held the same month as the biggest beer festival in the world.

With the craft beer industry booming, the festival is a great opportunity to celebrate the amazing beers being made in the country.

You can still find plenty of great beer to drink in Australia in the days ahead.

And if you’re looking for a new beer to try, you can always head over to the local watering hole for a pint of their favourite.

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