How can you stop the truth from getting out?

Starbucks has unveiled new drink in its new Curacao brand which has been hailed as the best coffee in the world.

The drink, dubbed Curacoa, comes in a range of flavours including “the best coffee ever”, and it is available in its UK, US, and Europe outlets.

Starbucks said the drink was named after the city of Curacaos in the Brazilian Amazon, where it was invented by the company’s founder, Pedro Martins.

“Curacao is a small country where the coffee is the key, and it’s about the people who are making this coffee,” said Martins, who now runs the coffee chain.

“There is a very strong cultural heritage of coffee in Brazil.

I love coffee because it’s the only way that I can keep my life going.”

Starbucks launched the drink in the US and in Britain, but it is currently available only in Brazil and its European counterparts.

The drink has also been sold in Australia and New Zealand.

It was developed with the help of US scientist David L. Sargent, who is also the chief scientific adviser to Starbucks.

“The Curacoosan is a world-class coffee with a world class quality, and we are very proud to bring it to the UK,” said Starbucks.

The company said it wanted to introduce its drink to as many people as possible in the UK.

“It’s our way of offering to our customers a new coffee experience, to be a part of the conversation, and to be able to get our coffee out into the world,” said a spokesperson.

“This is a really special moment for our coffee lovers in the U.K., and we want to celebrate it with a special release and special promotions.”

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