Bill Clinton’s wife says he is not an ‘evil man’

NEW YORK (AP) Hillary Clinton’s husband Bill Clinton has denied that he is a misogynist, but the former president has said he’s proud of his wife for taking a stand on women’s rights.

In a Monday interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, the first lady told Cooper that Bill Clinton is “not an evil man” and that her husband has done a lot to help women.

Clinton’s comments came as the former first couple faces accusations of misogyny for a string of statements over the past several weeks.

Bill Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, on Monday said that “if I were a woman, I’d be happy to be his wife.”

But he also said that he doesn’t think women should be expected to do their jobs, and he suggested women should only get paid if they “get” their jobs.

He also said women are more likely to be victimized by “bad” men.

In his latest interview, the former Democratic presidential candidate said that while she and Bill Clinton are “not perfect people,” she is proud of the work he’s done in her name.

“He is not a misogynistic man.

He is an honorable man,” she said.

“He has been very good at getting us to a position where we have a stronger country than we would have gotten otherwise.

I am proud of him for that.

I’m not going to lie, he’s been a great president.

I think he’s accomplished a lot.

But I’m proud of what he’s achieved.”

She added, “I think it’s also a big part of our responsibility to be aware of our own place in history, and to be willing to look around and to try to figure out how we can be better.

And I think that’s been one of the things that has been really important for him.

And so I think, again, it’s important to be able to be a little bit of a bystander and to let people have their say.”

Bill Clinton has been a strong advocate for women in his wife’s White House and in other roles.

He has spoken out against domestic violence, sexual harassment, sexual assault and sexual harassment in the workplace.

He defended his wife when she was accused of sexually harassing him in the Oval Office in 1993.

In the interview, Clinton was asked whether she would have been happier if she had had to choose between her career and her husband.

She said she would, but she did not go into specifics.

The former president did not address the controversy over comments made by his wife about the issue of sexual assault.

The interview comes as Republicans and women’s groups have attacked Clinton for his comments about sexual assault, including a tweet on Monday that read, “If I were married to Bill, I would grope women as I please.”

The tweet came after Clinton said in a speech that “there is nothing more disturbing than a woman who has not had sex with her husband or her husband’s friends.”

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