What’s in a bottle? A guide to vodka cocktails

With vodka now ubiquitous on the cocktail menu and increasingly common on tap, how well do you know your vodka?

We’ve compiled a list of the best vodka cocktails, the types of vodka and what they taste like.

For a comprehensive guide to the drink, head to the National Geographic website.1.

Vodka Mixer’s Best of 20171.2.

What is a vodka cocktail?

A vodka cocktail is a drink made with vodka and other alcoholic beverages.

It’s usually made with rum, gin, vodka, tequila or champagne.

If you’re unfamiliar with this term, check out the definitions below:1.

A drink made from one or more alcoholic beverages mixed together in a glass.2: A drink prepared with a shot of spirit mixed in with a portion of the ingredients used to make the beverage.3: A cocktail made from gin and bitters.4: A combination of a vodka drink and an alcohol-free drink.5: A type of beer or wine, which has a high alcohol content and is usually served at low or no alcohol content.6: A alcoholic beverage made from sugar alcohol or honey.7: An alcoholic beverage of wine made with alcohol added.8: A liquid or powder made from alcohol, usually ethanol.9: A product made from alcoholic beverages that includes ingredients such as vanilla, ginger, or peppermint.10: A condiment made from powdered sugar, sugar, or honey that has a flavoring that is added after the alcoholic beverage has been stirred into the ingredients.11: A beverage made with ice, milk, or water.12: A mix of alcoholic beverages, typically made up of two or more types of alcohol, which may include one or two types of beer, a mixture of beer and spirits, or both.13: A mixture of two alcoholic beverages combined in one drink.14: A blend of alcoholic drinks that is made from two or a combination of three or more different types of alcoholic beverage.15: A concoction made from more than one alcoholic beverage that includes alcohol added after it has been mixed into the other ingredients.16: A sweet drink made by combining a beverage that is already sweet with one or both of the following: fruit juice, syrup, or sugar.17: A shot made from spirits or tequila.18: A whiskey drink made of whiskey or rum that has been diluted to make it more palatable to the taste buds.19: A rum drink made out of rum, rum syrup, and brandy.20: A mixed drink made up by combining one alcoholic drink with a different alcoholic drink.21: A juice drink made at a higher alcohol content than the one you would normally drink.22: A beer made from wheat beer, ale, or lager.23: A spirits made from vodka or teas, such as whiskey or bourbon.24: A spirit made from the fruit or fruit juices of a citrus fruit such as orange, grapefruit, peach, or pineapple.25: A tequila drink made using tequila and other tequila ingredients.26: A syrup made from honey.27: A soda made from any kind of alcoholic drink containing alcohol.28: A sparkling water made from fruit juice or honey, fruit juice concentrate, or fruit juice syrup.29: A carbonated beverage made out by blending two or three different kinds of alcohol into one drink with added sugar.30: A flavored alcoholic drink that contains sugar added to the mix before it is poured into a glass or other container.31: A wine made from wine, including a wine made out a different fruit, fruit concentrate, and wine.32: A vodka made from water.33: A cola.34: A grapefruit.35: A fruit or citrus fruit drink.36: A tea.37: A coffee or tea.38: A herbal teas such as tea bags or tea bags infused with various herbs.39: A smoothie made from a beverage made using one or several of these ingredients.40: A frozen drink.41: A martini.42: A white wine.43: A liqueur.44: A liquor.45: A gin cocktail.46: A whisky cocktail.47: A bitters cocktail.48: A ginger ale.49: A pineapple vodka cocktail.50: A orange juice vodka cocktail, or an orange juice and ginger vodka cocktail50: a citrus vodka cocktail with orange juice.51: A lime juice vodka.52: A peach vodka.53: A lemonade.54: A mint vodka.55: A green tea vodka.56: A red wine.57: A strawberry vodka.58: A blueberry vodka.59: A banana vodka.60: A chocolate vodka.61: A latte.62: A cappuccino.63: A iced tea.64: A cold drink.65: A refreshing lemonade or iced coffee.66: A light shake.67: A

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