Why you shouldn’t eat snakebite at the bar

The drink can be enjoyed by anyone at the pub, but its main ingredient is an unusual strain of bacteria that causes vomiting and diarrhoea in some people.

The strain, which is not associated with the venomous snake, can cause severe diarrhea and vomiting, and some people have reported being unable to walk or even sit for hours.

A recent study has suggested that consuming the drink at home can be risky for some people, with some people developing a reaction similar to snakebite. 

The study found that people who drank the drink on their own were more likely to be hospitalised than those who did so at a bar, with up to 14 per cent of those who drank on their home turf being admitted to hospital.

The study also found that drinking the drink can cause serious side effects, including anemia and blood pressure issues, and it’s not advisable to consume it in large quantities.

Drinks are widely consumed in Ireland, and many people in the country have no idea about the dangers of drinking them.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Health said that they are currently investigating the study, and that they were currently seeking feedback from the public about the risks of consuming the drinks.

“While we know that many people can tolerate the drink and enjoy it in moderation, we would like to hear from the community about the benefits of drinking responsibly,” the spokesperson said.

“We are also looking at other drinks and food options that can be used instead.”

“We recognise that there are risks associated with consuming a drink, particularly when used as a drink for a limited period of time.

If people have experienced adverse reactions, we will work with them to identify the safest and most effective options for them to use.”

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