Beer drinkers will have to pay more for their drink

Drinking beer in Ireland will cost a little more as part of a drive to reduce alcohol abuse, a government-backed campaign says.

Beer drinkers will pay more to drink at home, a spokeswoman for Health Minister Leo Varadkar said in a statement.

“We know it’s hard to drink more beer, but we need to make the transition to the home, away from the pub and at home,” she said.

She said there was no change to the way the drink is sold in Ireland.

More: The government said it was taking steps to reduce binge drinking and to introduce measures to reduce the harm alcohol causes.

The new measures include a ban on bottles that can contain more than 2% alcohol, and the introduction of a minimum retail price on beer and wine, and a national duty on beer.

Drinking more than two litres of beer at a time is not allowed, and drinkers will be fined if they exceed the limit.

The cost of the measures will come from the tax revenues collected by the government, and from additional alcohol-related fines.

Earlier this year, the government introduced a new levy on the purchase of alcohol to help fund the campaign.

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