Why the ‘Bang’ drink is still popular in the Middle East

Dubai has been a popular spot for the international tourist industry for years, but the city has yet to take over as the number one drink destination in the region.

The city’s cocktail-drinking scene is largely based on the traditional Arabic drink known as the Bang drink.

The drink is a mix of water, lime juice, sugar and orange zest.

It has been around for centuries in various forms, and it has been enjoyed in the Gulf Arab states of Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain.

But it has never made it to the Middle Eastern capital of Dubai, which is known for its glamorous nightlife.

Doha, a traditional city in the Persian Gulf region, is home to the Dubai Marina, a massive shopping complex and a popular tourist destination for the Arab world.

But in the past decade, Dubai has seen a rapid rise in popularity.

The city’s popularity has been fuelled by its large expat community, and by the popularity of the famous nightclub and the “Bang” drink.

At first, Dubai was the country’s top-rated destination for international tourism, according to the Tourism and Tourism Economics Authority.

But the number of international tourists dropped to just 2.4 million in 2016, down from 5.2 million in 2015.

“It’s a pretty low number, but it is definitely a drop,” said Mohammed Al-Zahra, an economics professor at Al-Azhar University in Qatar.

“It’s really a drop.

We’re a small country and Dubai is the biggest city.

But even if you look at the numbers, we’re a lot better off than some of the other cities.”

Al-Jazri, a professor at the Dubai Business School, said Dubai has become a destination for foreign workers, as they sought the better-paying jobs in the country.

Dubai’s hotel industry also saw a major shift over the past few years.

Hotel occupancy has steadily declined in the city, as foreign workers moved into the hotel industry.

Al-Zawra, who also serves as the countrys minister of tourism, said the trend of foreign workers moving into the country has increased the number and quality of domestic workers, especially in the hospitality industry.

“Foreign workers are coming to Dubai in greater numbers than ever before,” Al-Rawi said.

“The city is a magnet for workers from overseas.

Dubai has a huge international hotel industry, but its very expensive to operate.

That’s a big problem for the city.

The industry has to expand to cater to the demand from abroad.”

The “Bang drink” is made with a mix, mostly lime juice and sugar, of water and orange juice.

After several years of slow growth, Dubai is now seeing an increase in foreign tourists, with international visitors spending more than $6 billion in the last year alone.

Tourism and tourism economist Ali Al-Qayyim said the country needs to take action on attracting more foreign tourists.

Qatar is also facing a growing challenge in attracting international guests.

Since 2016, the number with passports from outside the Gulf has nearly doubled, and the number has grown to more than 40 million.

That has been particularly pronounced in the UAE, where the number is increasing, Al-Khatib said.

Many expats in Dubai say they are concerned about the city’s rising crime rates, including the high number of thefts and assaults.

The government has promised to improve the citys safety by building more crime-prevention infrastructure and implementing a number of initiatives.

But there are concerns among some expats that Dubai will continue to remain a hot spot for crime, particularly after it released the names of the country s most-wanted men in January, which was a blow to many expats.

Some of the latest developments in Dubai are seen as a response to the crackdown on smuggling and smuggling rings, but Al-Mansour, who has worked in Dubai for more than two decades, said there has been no real change in the way expats are dealing with crime in the capital.

It’s difficult for expats to speak to police because the city is so closed.

There are no officers on the streets, there is no CCTV, there are no checkpoints, he said.

I know it’s hard to talk to police, but I am not afraid to speak out, especially since I have had no real experience of crime in Dubai before.

In addition, Al Khaldi, the Emirati expat, said he has seen the crackdown in the area around the city increase.

A security officer patrols Dubai’s Abu Dhabi Marina.

Al-Shaarawi, the hotelier, said security has been tightened in the metro area, and more officers have been deployed at hotels, bars and shopping malls.

Al Khadi said Dubai’s security situation has deteriorated over the last two years, with the number in custody going up by 100 percent.

He said the city should invest in better

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