How to celebrate Japanese drinks

The first thing you need to do is to get ready for a great Japanese drink. 

 In this video, we’re looking at the most popular drink in Japan.

 There are lots of different varieties, but this one is really popular.

It’s called the punch drink.

I’ve had a few different types, but I like the “Kaiju Punch” because it’s really spicy and has a nice punch.

The “Kong” and “Han” drinks are also popular.

But this drink is by far my favorite because it really hits the spot.

You can order it for dinner or take it for a jog or workout.

There’s no need to buy extra ingredients for this drink, which makes it a great option for a busy day.

If you want a more relaxing drink, try the “Maki” drink.

It’s a little more complex, but it’s delicious.

This drink is made with sweet tea and milk.

They make it for two people, so it’s perfect for couples or singles.

“Maki-sama” is a sweet Japanese drink with a sweet taste and is usually served with a slice of cake or a snack.

Here’s how to make your own Maki-Sama  (recipe below) and get your drinks ready to go. 

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