A Mudslide in a Mudslider, the Screwdriver Drink, and a Mud Slide in the Soda

A mudslide is a big deal.

For the last few years, the industry has had to contend with a variety of hazards, including avalanches, mudslides, tornados and tsunamis.

The latest event is the mudsliding death of a 30-year-old man in South Carolina, who died in a mudslid in the town of Lumberton on Tuesday.

The Associated Press first reported the death of the man, James Smith, on Tuesday evening.

According to the Associated Press, the man died at a hospital, but it’s unclear how he died or whether he was the victim of a mud slide.

A few hours later, the Associated Statesman reported that the state’s emergency management agency, which is handling the rescue effort, issued a press release saying that Smith had been in the mud for more than five hours and was found by rescuers on the edge of a culvert at the edge the road.

The mudslider had swept away Smith’s car, and the vehicle’s rear tire landed in a culver near a pond, according to the AP.

The incident happened in a rural part of South Carolina that’s near the state line.

The AP report said the mud slides in the state have increased in number and intensity in recent years.

It said the man’s family was still gathering information.

Some of the mud slide deaths in South Africa have happened during winter months, according the AP, so it’s possible that the mud sliders are now more common in summer.

The South African Department of Health and Medical Services (DSHS) said in a statement that mudsliders have killed at least eight people since February of this year, and more than 40 others have been injured.

In addition to mudslids, some people are killed when they attempt to swim across a river, jump off a cliff or make a mud jump in the Caribbean Sea, according DSHS.

Some people are also killed when their cars break down or are towed off the highway.

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