How to drink the champagne, drink the champs

Drinking champagne is one of the most popular and least understood events of the year.

You may have never heard of it before.

What you’ve probably never heard about is that the drink is also known as a highball drink.

Champs is the term for a champagne tasting, where you drink the first glass of the Champagne with the rest of the group.

The first drink you try at a Champs tasting is the highball, which is a champagne-flavored beverage made from champagne.

The next one is the champagne cocktail, which has a higher alcohol content and is generally made from sparkling wine.

The Champagne tasting, or Champagne drinking, is not a drink you can drink alone.

If you do, you’re probably drinking it with your team, and if you’re a fan of the Champs team, you may want to have a few drinks with them before the game.

In order to get your first drink at a Champagne taste, you’ll need a bottle of Champagne, which can be purchased at a few bars or liquor stores.

You can also buy a highballs bottle at a grocery store or a liquor store, and they are also popular with athletes who want to try a drink.

Here are the best ways to drink at Champs:Champs has four tasting areas, each with its own bar.

There are also several special areas to go into, such as the Channels, which are decorated with the names of some of the top athletes.

You can also get a high-ball glass, which comes in two varieties: champagne-filled and champagne-without-champagne.

They are both the same drink but contain different amounts of champagne, which makes them more expensive.

Champs also sells other highballs, such the Champage de Champagne.

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