Drink Buzzed Drinking Game, the Drink of the Day

Drinking is a great way to boost your self-esteem and confidence.

Here’s how you can start with one of these games.


The Drink of Your Dreams: A Challenge 2.

The Party of Your Life: A Reward 3.

The Challenge of Your Lifetime: A Quest 4.

The One-on-One with Your Dad: A Friend’s Challenge 5.

The Birthday Surprise: A Secret Stash of Memories 6.

The Daring Escape: A Journey into the Past 7.

The Date with Your Father: A Time-Travelling Adventure 8.

The Dream Party: A New Idea 9.

The Great Escape: Your Own Journey to Happiness 10.

The Adventurer’s Dream: A Personal Achievement 11.

The Greatest Party Ever: Your Favorite Event of Your Day 12.

The Funniest Story Ever: A Story of Your Own 13.

The Perfect Date: A Moment of Love and Grief 14.

The Best of Friends: Your Best Friend’s Story 15.

The Love Story of Two Friends: A Love Story 16.

The Amazing Night Out: Your Friends’ Secret Life 17.

The Story of the Great Escape 18.

The Big Deal: Your Greatest Adventure 19.

The Secret of Your Favorite Date 20.

The Most Interesting Friend You’ll Ever Meet 21.

The Ultimate Deal: A Big Deal for Your Family 22.

The Mystery of Your Dad’s Birthday 23.

The First Night at Your Favorite Club 24.

The Next Great Adventure 25.

The Surprise of Your Birthday 26.

The True Story of your Favorite Club 27.

The Coolest Adventure 28.

The Funny Party 29.

The Crazy Adventures of Your Friend 30.

The Beautiful Story of a Wedding 31.

The Secrets of Your Mom’s Wedding 32.

The Life-Changing Event of your Wedding 33.

The Good Luck of Your Mother’s Wedding 34.

The Last Resort of Your Wedding 35.

The Superlative Night 35.

the Most Important Date 36.

the Greatest Moment in Your Life 37.

The World’s Most Interesting Day 38.

the Last Day of Your Childhood 39.

the Ultimate Adventure 40.

the Best Gift of Your Father 41.

the Party of your Life 42.

the One-On-One With Your Dad 43.

the Birthday Surprise 44.

the Daring Escapes 45.

the Adventurer 42.

The Adventures of your Father’s Friend 46.

The Epic Life of Your First Day 47.

The Movie of Your Dream 48.

The Newest Friend you’ll ever Meet 49.

The Gift of a Dream 50.

The Lovesick Story of My Father 51.

The Scariest Surprise 52.

The Worst Party of My Life 53.

The Final Adventure 54.

The Magic of your Birthday 55.

The Finest Birthday Gift 56.

The Hidden Treasure of Your Grandparents 57.

The Time-Traveling Adventure of Your Great Grandmother 58.

The Mysterious Gift of your Grandmother 59.

The Sweetest Gift of the World 60.

The Mummy of Your Parents 61.

The Legendary Love Story 62.

The Legend of Your Secret World 63.

The Family That You’ll Never Meet 64.

The Magical Story of Mom’s Birthday 65.

The Quest of Your Best Friends 66.

The Haunting of Your Sister 67.

The Wedding of Your Younger Sister 68.

The Marriage of Your Oldest Sister 69.

The Power of Your Greatest Father 70.

The Master of Your Secrets 71.

The Grandest Wedding Anniversary 72.

The Longest Day of your Marriage 73.

The Second Most Beautiful Wedding 74.

The Night You Were Married 75.

The Third Greatest Wedding Anniversary 76.

The Fourth Greatest Wedding 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100

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