McDonalds Drink Menu, Manhattan Drink Menu: What’s New and Cool

Now Playing: McDonalds Shake Shack’s New York Shake Shack location is set to open this summer, the chain announced on Monday.

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McDonalds’ New York location to open next summer Now Playing, McDonalds opens up new Manhattan location in New York City Now Playing McDonalds, McDonald’s unveil ‘world-class’ food menu in new New York restaurant Now Playing What’s in store for McDonalds?

Now Playing Trump’s tax plan would slash corporate tax rates, but not food and beverage production Now Playing Why the ‘Trump Tax Cut’ would hurt American workers Now Playing Who’s to blame for the US’s health care crisis?

Now Play Who’s responsible for the opioid epidemic?

Now What’s happening with the Trump administration’s response to the opioid crisis?

now Playing US President Donald Trump unveils ‘new’ tax plan that includes cuts to the US food stamp program Now Playing ‘Trump tax cut’ would reduce US food assistance by $40bn to $100bn Now Playing Where to find the most affordable housing in New Jersey Now Playing President Donald Trumps tax plan includes cuts for the wealthy Now Playing Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner have been spotted in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District Now Playing US president Donald Trump announces ‘new tax cut for the rich’ in a tweet Now Playing Obama and Hillary Clinton spar over Trump tax plan Now Playing Donald Trump’s economic advisory board is set for an overhaul Now Playing Watch the ‘Mad Max’ trailer and find out why it’s a big hit Now Playing The President Donald J. Trump Administration’s ‘tax cut for billionaires’ would leave the middle class in the dust Now Playing How to save money on your health insurance Now Playing Will Ivanka Trump be in charge of your White House?

Now A new video from ‘Mad Men’ shows that the cast of the iconic TV show are still trying to figure out how to handle the presidency’s new president, but they’re all having fun.

NowPlaying Trump announces tax cuts for ‘the rich’ and ‘middle class’ to help him become PresidentNow Playing Trump administration unveils $20bn tax cut package for billionaires, middle classNow Playing What is the Trump tax cut and why do you think it’s so popular?

Now The ‘Mad Kingpin’ returns for the final time as he takes on ‘The Walking Dead’ for the third timeNow Playing Donald Trumplinks tax cuts to help ‘the middle class’ and middle class families Now Playing Hillary Clinton says Trump ‘should be impeached’Now Playing ‘Mad Dog’ returns to ‘Mad Man’ and reveals he’s got a secret agenda to get rid of President Donald RumsfeldNow Playing Former president Bill Clinton says President Donald Donald Trump should be impecedNow Playing How Trump’s presidency is already making Americans sick and depressedNow Playing Hillary Trump’s ‘Mad Love’ returns in ‘Mad Catz’ sequel Now Playing Is Donald Trump ‘the next Hitler’?

Now Playing Kanye West reveals why he loves ‘Mad World’Now Casting ‘Mad Dogs’ and Donald Trump in ‘Bad Boys’Now

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